Harvard University is a private research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA. It is a one of the oldest institution in USA. It was founded in 1636, 385 years ago as Harvard College by John Harvard. There are 8 Ivy League Universities and Harvard is one of them. Harvard University has three main campuses Cambridge, Boston and Longwood. Harvard University occupies about 5,457 acres with many departments. If we talk about Harvard University Faculty then Harvard have 2,400 faculty members. offers more than 3,000 courses for students. Harvard University has 11 major departments and 12 Schools and has one of world’s largest libraries. Getting admission in Harvard university is an honour.


It participates in games like Olympics and other. It has won 108 medals in Olympics 46 Gold, 41 silver and 21 Bronze. Harvard also offers sports scholarship. Their students participated in many games like cricket, baseball, basketball; hockey, Golf, Swimming, football and many others interested games. Students of Harvard are very good in every sport.

Ranking :

Harvard University is famous for its academics, opportunities, research and sports activities. It is one of the top ranked universities in the world and one of the best Universities in the world. Harvard University get no: 1 rank many times among all universities in the world. Harvard University is known for his study and Education.

Quality of Education:

The Quality of Education in the Harvard University is one of the best in the world. Students and teacher of the University are interesting, kind and soft-spoken. Harvard has great courses and research institutes. It is a one of the oldest institute in USA. Harvard has best courses for students to build new skills, makes changes in their life and get a great job after university. Most of the USA students try their best to get admission in the Harvard. Education and Environment of Harvard University is elite.

Harvard University Online Courses

Harvard University also offers online courses. University offers more than 140 online courses. It costs $1,840 for undergraduate online per course and $2,840 for online graduate course. The University also offers free online courses all over the world. Harvard offers many online courses including Computer Science, Health and Medicine, Social Science, Data Science, Programing and Business and many others.

Harvard University Admission

Many students urge to get admission in Harvard. The admission process of Harvard University is not an easy. Many students fail to get admission in Harvard because of its difficult process.

Harvard University is the third most difficult university to get admission. Harvard University is the top ranked University that’s why they also give admission to the toppers of their class. Students with GPA 4.0 or more than 4.0 have more chances to get in. Harvard is not an easy task to get admission. Many student works hard to get admission in Harvard. Getting admission in Harvard is very tough. From Thousands of applications Harvard accept only 4% to 6%.
If any student wants to take admission in undergraduate programs in Harvard University then student must pass SAT or ACT.

After that they take another SAT particular exam because they make sure that Student has good knowledge about that field. Then they see your TOEFL or IELTS . lastly they ask student for letter of recommendation any of two teachers. They also ask for your submission of 10th and 12th exam result. They also see your extra curriculum activities. Harvard takes about $73,000 fees per year for undergraduate students. In those fees they include Tuition and hostel fees also.

Admission process:

After all that process student can apply in two kind of admission process.
1 Early action
In this process student can apply for admission before 1st November.
2 Regular decisions

In this student can apply for admission before 1st January.
For getting admission in Harvard there are three process applications.
1 Common Application
2 Coalition Applications
3 Universal college application portals


Admission in postgraduate:

If any students wants to take admission in postgraduate program in Harvard University then student must pass GRE or GMAT. GMAT exam is especially for MBA students and GRE exam is for all other departments. They ask student for undergraduate project also student must submit their undergraduate project. Like Undergraduate admission they also ask for TOEFL or IELTS in postgraduate.

Harvard University Scholarship

Harvard also offers Scholarship for students who cannot afford fees. Many students study in Harvard free whose family income is $65,000 or less than $65,000. Scholarship is the best opportunity for students to get admission in university . There are also Scholarships in Harvard for students. University Student who may not afford University fees for that Scholarship is also available in Harvard University. Many Students get fully funded 100% scholarship that’s depending upon their Family income. Harvard University give students need based scholarship. There are many Scholarships in Harvard. Harvard University also offers international students scholarship. Students who are best in their studies and work of other countries they can also apply and get these scholarships.

The Michel David Weil Scholarship

The Michael David Weil is one of the purest and highest paid scholarship of Harvard University. They paid students living expenses, tuition fees; mostly they paid two years master’s programs students. They also donate their scholarships to other universities included Harvard university.
Harvard University Development and Fellowship Scholarship

Development and Fellow scholarship :

Development and Fellow scholarship is also one great and excellent scholarship is paid by Harvard to students. They offer around $30,000 scholarship to student for one semester. This scholarship is fully based on merit.

Harvard University Environmental Fellowship Scholarship

Environmental Fellowship scholarship is also one the suitable scholarship for student. In this scholarship they also provide around $30,000 for one semester. For getting thus scholarship student must have to get recommendation letters, research work and family income and expenses.
Harvard University Undergraduate Scholarship
Thousands of students get admission in Harvard University every year. Mostly for undergraduate many of them can’t afford fees and choose another University. For those candidates who can’t afford Harvard University Scholarship this scholarship is best for them. If a candidate full fills all requirements of Harvard University then they must get that scholarship. This scholarship is very essential and suitable for undergraduate candidates.


Harvard University Graduate Student Award Scholarship
Harvard University also offers scholarship for student who graduate and paid them around $1,500 to $10,000 as awarded to undergraduate students. This scholarship is based on student’s ability and candidate’s hard work during graduation education.

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